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A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.
Episode 115: Time Travel is a Paperclip

The most important thing about time travel is never break The 1st Law of Time Travel.  Which, of course, the Doctor breaks about every 10 years.  In fact, we're breaking it right now.  This is episode 115, our last episode was 116 and our next will be 117.  We're looping back on ourselves!  (Actually, this is the episode that we missed due to technical difficulties, but what the hey!)  This week we're discussing the intricacies of time travel and The 1st Law.  So, take an asprin, pour yourself a drink and get comfortable.  This is where it gets complicated.

WARNING: Contains rabbits

Time Travel Grammar
TV Tropes - Time Travel Mutability
More Time Travel Grammar

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