Doctor Who: The Sonic Toolbox (new episode review)
A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.
Episode 158: Death in Heaven - Review in Toolbox

Missy, Danny Pink, Zombie Cybermen, UNIT, and pumpkin pie!  It's all here in our review of the Series 8 finale "Death in Heaven".  We've also got feedback, pumpkin pie, and an engagement announcement in news.  Oh, did we mention the pumpkin pie?


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Episode 157: Moffat is in Dark Water for This Review

So, we've had the big Missy reveal.  And a few other "surprises".  This here, then, is our review of the penultimate Series 8 episode, Dark Water.


What is a Dyson Sphere

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Episode 156: Reviewing The Growth In The Forest Of The Night

Good morning, and welcome to the forest of London!  Better enjoy it quick because it's not going to last.  My, my...what's next? Kids on the TARDIS?  How about rabbits?  Oh, wait, no rabbits on the TARDIS, rabbits in the Toolbox.  Lot's of them.  But they're well meaning, and mostly tame.  More than we can say for a tiger and couple of wolves.  So get on your fire proof headphones and join us for a discussion of "The Forest Of The Night".


Tommy Flanagan, Pathalogical Liar played by Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live

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Episode 155: Flatline Review in 3D!

No Kiefer Sutherland here.  Tho that  wouldn't have made this story any less creepy.  Grab your MP3 playing devices and practice your levitation spells as we review this week's Doctor Who episode "Flatline".  This is where good ole' Steven Moffat now makes the very walls, floors and ceilings that once kept out all the baddies unsafe to go near.  What's next? A monster that disguises itself as our very clothing? Too late, Moff.  The Tomorrow People already did that.

No news, but feedback! And a small herd of rabbits (can you call them a "herd"?) stop by for a chat.


(Sorry about the sound quality this week.  Did the best we could to clean it up, but technology was not being cooporative.)

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Episode 154: Review Time for the Mummy on the Orient Express

We've got 66 seconds to tell you what we thought of Mummy on the Orient Express.  OK, not really, but would you believe...jelly babies?  It's a full train in motion with all kinds of nods to the past, a crazed computer and lots of death.  What more can you ask for in Doctor Who?

Feedback, that's what!  We've got lots of it. 


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Episode 152: Doctor Who is The Caretaker of This Review

Something weird's going on at Coal Hill School (again) and, of course, the Doctor is right smack dab in the middle of it.  And so are we, right along with him.  This week, it's "The Caretaker" and we're taking care not just of reviewing the story this week, but there's so much sciencey goodness packed into this story that it's going to leak out into future TST episodes if we're not careful (and we're not).  Not to mention (which we do) Danny Pink finally makes it into the TARDIS and gets himself stuck in the Doctor's craw.

"The Caretaker" has got so many talking points for this review we may not have any room for the rabbits. (Yeah. Don't bet on it.)


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Episode 151: Let's Do The Time Heist Again

A good old fashioned romp, that's just what the Doctor ordered.  a mysterious caper, an anoying middle-management baddie, and a monster you can feel sorry for.  It's got Classic Who written all over it.  Now all we need is a moble conputer side kick and an exotic beauty with a trick or two up her sleeve...oh, wait a minute. 

Come along for our review of this week's Doctor Who episode, Time Heist.  And some rabbit chasing.  Oh, and I wouldn't touch that worm if I were you.  Don't blame us if you can't remember how you got here.


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Episode 150: Listen! Don't Be Scared Of Our Review

Things that go bump in the night.  Monsters under the bed. Shadows moving jst out of sight.  Steven Moffat must have had a tortured childhood.  Tho the premise is a bit shakey - everyone has the same exact nightmare a some point in their lives, come on - he starts of this forth story, "Listen", like gangbusters.  And then...well, wouldn't want to spoil the review for you.

Plus news, feedback and rabbits!


The Muppet Proposal
New Map Locates Milky Way in Neighborhood of 100,000 Galaxies
What makes the octopus hide so well.
Watch this octopuss dissapear.

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Episode 149: Rabbit Chasing with the Robot of Sherwood

Ah, Robin Hood...from Errol Flynn to Disney to Kevin Cosner there's been a Robin for every generation.  This generation's Robin meets our favorite man in a blue box.  A clash of egos?  A clash of wits?  How about a classic archery contest?  Throw in some robots and a good measure of swordplay (spoon?) and you've got yourself a Mark Gatiss script!  Huzzah!!

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