Doctor Who: The Sonic Toolbox (general)
A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.

A very important message for our listeners.

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Sorry for the delay. As usual, we had technical difficulties uploading this.  But we are here, and we are having fun!

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Stand and deliver! No, it's not an Adam Ant song. It's a Doctor Who episode review! Maisie Williams is back this week with the sequel to The Girl Who Lived, only now she's calling herself "Me" and it's the 1600's.  Join us now as we discuss "The Woman Who Lived".


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Episode 153: We Kill the Moon for This Review

We're over the moon for the 12th Doctor.  We know, we keep telling you every week.  It may take a while for the bloom to be off his rose for us.  His 7th story...well, you'll just have to give a listen to this week's show to find out how we feel about "Kill the Moon".

There's news and feedback, too!  Just for good measure.


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Episode 148: Voyage Into the Dalek

Could a Dalek be good?  Is the Doctor a good man?  Will Clara ever get her coffee?  And just how many Gally ribbons can you get out of one Doctor Who episode?  The answers to all these questions, and more, as we review "Into The Dalek"!


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Episode 147: Take a Deep Breath

And exhale.  It's finally here. Series 8 has begun andwe have seen the new Doctor in action.  "Deep Breath" takes us to Victorian London and the Paternoster Gang.  It takes the Doctor to a rather interesting pst-regeneration.  Scottish?  Eyebrows?  And a...giant T-Rex??  Hang on, folks.  This one's gonna be a whopper!


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Episode 146: Megadeth

Summer's almost over, which is a bit bitter sweet.  We say goodbye to our Summer Concert Series (thank you all for indulging us and having fun with it), but hello to Series 8 and a new Doctor.  This week we have our headline act.  One of the most controversial in the industry, Megadeth!  And I'm sure that Dave Mustaine would love it if he knew we were using his band to bring us around to the topic of all the death that's happened on this simple, British, children's show.  That's right.  50 years of body count.  And it hasn't all been caused by everyone but the Doctor.

But first, we join our dear Uncle Elmer on a wonderful rabbit chase.  Enjoy!


"Sweating Bullets" from the Megadeth album Countdown to Extinction, 1992.

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Episode 145: Tesla

The penultimate band to hit the stage for our Summer Concert Series is comin' atcha live on the wire!  It's Tesla!!  We're going back to the beginning of the idiot box to bring you "The Idiot's Lantern", a subtle horror story written by Doctor Who's own horror writer, Mark Gatiss.  Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

"Cumin' Atcha Live" by Tesla from the album Mecanical Resonance, 1986

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Episode 144: Loverboy

Hold on to your hearts this week, folks.  On our stage tonight...Loverboy!  That's right, Capt. Jack Harkness is working hard for the weekend and he's lovin' every minute of it.  And when it's over, you'll have heaven in your eyes.  Yup, it's all Capt. Jack this week.  Well...mostly.  In between the rabbit chasing.

"Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy, from the self titled album "Loverboy", 1980.

WARNING: Contains rabbits

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Episode 143: The Police


Po no Sto fro mo fo zo mo fo bo jo fo do wo.  Oh, sorry.  Don't speak Judoon?  We don't either.  I think we said "The Police. Not Sting from MTV fame, Zenyatta Mondatta, from Brittan.  Judoon from Doctor Who."  Or something like that.  But, yes, this week it's all about the Judoon!  Well, mostly about the Judoon.  OK, we try really hard to talk about the Judoon, but the rabbits seem to keep distracting us.




"Every Breath You Take" from the 1983 album Synchornicty




WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing


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