Doctor Who: The Sonic Toolbox (Classic Episode Review)
A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.

We swear, this is a Doctor Who podcast. But the rabbits needed one last (we hope) run before summer ends. And we didn't realize how non-riveting The Reign of Terror was, but we do manage to get a review in there, somewhere.

WARNING: Contains rabbits


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Episode 220: Books Ran Away With Our Androids

We're here to talk about Androids of Tara, but before we can get to that we get carried away geeking out about books we've read. But get to it we do. And boy, do we have a lot to say. Plus some news.

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It's the third story in the Key To Time series, Stones of Blood, that we're reviewing this time out. It's our favorite of the Key to Time stories and we've been looking forward to picking it apart.

Before we get to that, tho, the hot weather has our rabbits running for cooler temps in the form of the new fall TV shows here in the US. With nothing newsworthy (in our opinion) going on with Doctor Who, we feel obliged to indulge in a bit of that sort of rabbit chasing.

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Episode 212: Mr. Fibuli! Where's my cheese?

Next up as we hunt for the pieces of the Key to Time is our review of The Pirate Planet. Oh, how the cheese does flow. 

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Episode 207:Xanthoplastianthophobia

Doctor Who telling us that we must be afraid of ordinary things started early. Like 1970s early. Like the Third Doctor telling us we should be afraid of yellow plastic flowers. Daffodils to be exact. Plastic daffodils. The ones being handed out by... AUTONS!! Terrifying, really.  And so we review "Terror of the Autons" just in time for Spring.  It must be spring, the rabbits are out in force and multiplying like, well, rabbits.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 180: The Caves of the Androzani Rabbits

So there we were, getting ready to do the review for The Caves of Androzani when all these rabbits started to bound into the Toolbox during the news. They were all over the place!  But there is really a review here, and Gally news, and a memorial for Christopher Lee (nothing to do with DW, but it's Christopher Lee for pete's sake!), and some other stuff that actually relates to the show.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing and herding.

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Episode 175: Sutekh and the Rabbits of Doom

Smack us in the forehead, we recently realized we'd never reviewed Pyramids of Mars.  This week we remedy that.  It doesn't keep us from rabbit chasing, but there you go.  We've also got actual news!  More than one item!  Oh, boy!


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Episode 168: Rabbits in Paris


We're correcting what we see as an oversight this week by reviewing the Forth Doctor story "City of Death".  This was also an opportunity for Daisy to show this story to a New Who friend interested in going back and watching Classic Who. 


We've also got lots of Gally news.


WARNING: Contains rabbits


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Episode 162: No Goatee, Just an Eyepatch

It's Mirror, Mirror the Doctor Who way!  Evil Brigadier has an eyepatch and no mustache.  Evil Liz Shaw has short brown hair.  Evil Professor Shahlman has...well, he's just the same as in our universe.  This week we wax on about the Third Doctor story "Inferno". 

Also, we give our opinions on the question, "Is it OK to buy Doctor Who stuff in Hot Topic?"

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing.

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Episode 160: Sometimes I Wish I Worked In A Bank

This weeks we're all about "The Daemons", the 3rd Doctor Season 8 finale.  Or, mostly all about...the rabbits have invaded the studio once again.  This is the one where the Brig says "Chap with the wings. Five rounds rapid."  We thougt it would be nice to watch some young Brigadier.  Remember him the way he was.


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