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A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.
Episode 164: A Facehugger for Christmas

It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid.  Oh, wait.  This is Doctor Who, of course there's a reason to be afraid.  "Last Christmas", Capaldi's first full Christmas special takes a que from real horror movies this year.  And gives us Santa Clause in the best way possible: Nick Frost!  Don't sleep thru this one, we're giving you our first impression of this years gift from Steven Moffat and the BBC.

WARNING: Contains spoilers

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Episode 163: What's With The Tangerine

Christmas is almost here, and with it the Christmas Special.  This time around we're anticipating the special by speculating about it.  We know it's not our usual MO, but we're just so excited that we can't stop thinking about it.  We promise nothing said beyond what the BBC has officially put out and what our imaginations can dream up. 

If you really don't want to know ANYTHING about what's coming, and have even been avoiding the trailers, our speculation segment starts at time stamp 00:41:13 and ends at 1:23:58.  Just skip over that segment and you'll be OK.  Go back after Christmas and see what all we got wrong.


WARNING: Contains official BBC sanctioned spoilers


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Episode 162: No Goatee, Just an Eyepatch

It's Mirror, Mirror the Doctor Who way!  Evil Brigadier has an eyepatch and no mustache.  Evil Liz Shaw has short brown hair.  Evil Professor Shahlman has...well, he's just the same as in our universe.  This week we wax on about the Third Doctor story "Inferno". 

Also, we give our opinions on the question, "Is it OK to buy Doctor Who stuff in Hot Topic?"

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing.

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Episode 161: Siege Mode and Other Newness

This past Series 8 saw a lot of changes.  Some of which were to the TARDIS herself.  This week we're taking a look at those changes.  There are only three (we thought there had been a lot more) but they are very cool additions to the already complicated ship and home of our beloved Doctor.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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