Doctor Who: The Sonic Toolbox
A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.
Episode 120: Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue

It's Cheryl's first time with Leela as a companion.  What better way for a horror fan than with The Horror of Fang Rock.  It's got all the classic elements, and a Rutan for good measure.  What more can we say?  You'll just have to listen.


The Doctor's electrical gobbledygook explained

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Episode 119: I Am Woman

Hear me roar!  And scream, and complain and ask “What’s that, Doctor?”  But watch me fight, and run, and calculate, and build, and outsmart and survive.  The wonderful women of Doctor Who are the subject of this week’s Toolbox.  We’ve heard just about all we can take regarding misogyny in Doctor Who and we’re out to refute those claims.  As women ourselves, we have long held these female companions as role models.  Strong, independent and smart, these women hold their own alongside the Doctor throughout his adventures. 

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 118: The Rabbit Dilemma

It’s Episode 118 and we’re talking about The Twin Dilemma.  Since we just had a regeneration, we figured it was a good time to examine a post-regeneration story and what better one than the Doctor’s 6th.  Since it looked like our new (Peter Capaldi) Doctor seems to be suffering with post-regen memory loss we wanted to take a look at past regen that went thru not just memory loss a drastic personality change, as well, just in case.

The Twin Dilemma is one of those polarizing stories in Doctor Who history.  It seems either you love it or hate it.  The vast majority seem to hate it.  Here in the Toolbox, we have a split, which works out wonderfully to give you a fair look at this controversial story.   Also, Daisy gets completely confused trying to count in hexadecimal (which she hasn’t done in 20 years) while Cheryl falls into a small coma.

All this and rabbit chasing, too!

How to count in hexadecimal.

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Episode 117: TARDIS Talk and Gally Walk

We know the Doctor loves his TARDIS.  Like a man and his hot rod, the Doctor dotes on his old girl.  What exactly is the relationship between a Time Lord and his TARDIS?  This week, we try to get inside the mind and design of that relationship.  Is it like a husband and wife?  Or is it more symbiotic than that?

Then, with only five weeks left before Gallifrey 2014 the first block of panel discussion topics has finally been announced.  In our over excitement, we give you our preview of them all.  If you are going to Gally this year, this will get you just as excited as we are.  If you're not going, we hope this will begin your desire to start saving your money now for 2015 since tickets will be going on sale in a few months.

Life on a TARDIS
Gallifrey 2014 - Late December Program Update & Panels

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