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Episode 164: A Facehugger for Christmas

It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid.  Oh, wait.  This is Doctor Who, of course there's a reason to be afraid.  "Last Christmas", Capaldi's first full Christmas special takes a que from real horror movies this year.  And gives us Santa Clause in the best way possible: Nick Frost!  Don't sleep thru this one, we're giving you our first impression of this years gift from Steven Moffat and the BBC.

WARNING: Contains spoilers

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Episode 163: What's With The Tangerine

Christmas is almost here, and with it the Christmas Special.  This time around we're anticipating the special by speculating about it.  We know it's not our usual MO, but we're just so excited that we can't stop thinking about it.  We promise nothing said beyond what the BBC has officially put out and what our imaginations can dream up. 

If you really don't want to know ANYTHING about what's coming, and have even been avoiding the trailers, our speculation segment starts at time stamp 00:41:13 and ends at 1:23:58.  Just skip over that segment and you'll be OK.  Go back after Christmas and see what all we got wrong.


WARNING: Contains official BBC sanctioned spoilers


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Episode 162: No Goatee, Just an Eyepatch

It's Mirror, Mirror the Doctor Who way!  Evil Brigadier has an eyepatch and no mustache.  Evil Liz Shaw has short brown hair.  Evil Professor Shahlman has...well, he's just the same as in our universe.  This week we wax on about the Third Doctor story "Inferno". 

Also, we give our opinions on the question, "Is it OK to buy Doctor Who stuff in Hot Topic?"

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing.

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Episode 161: Siege Mode and Other Newness

This past Series 8 saw a lot of changes.  Some of which were to the TARDIS herself.  This week we're taking a look at those changes.  There are only three (we thought there had been a lot more) but they are very cool additions to the already complicated ship and home of our beloved Doctor.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 160: Sometimes I Wish I Worked In A Bank

This weeks we're all about "The Daemons", the 3rd Doctor Season 8 finale.  Or, mostly all about...the rabbits have invaded the studio once again.  This is the one where the Brig says "Chap with the wings. Five rounds rapid."  We thougt it would be nice to watch some young Brigadier.  Remember him the way he was.


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Episode 159: Ooh, Look a Gadget!

Now that Series 8 is over we can take a sane (ha!) look back at all the nifty new tech that the lovely writers have given to us.  From neyphyte circuits to hyperspace ribbons, from a Skovox blitzer to the Gallifreyan hard drive, we're touching on it all.  Just an overview this time, plenty of shows next year to go into detail on how we think it all works.

If you have an idea about how any of this stuff works, please drop us a line!  We'd love to include your input when we discuss each gadget in detail on it's own episode next year.

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Series 8 Vacation Notice

We're taking a short break to recuperate from all the excitement we've had over the last couple of months.  We'll be back next week with our usual off-season shows.  Meanwhile. please enjoy this short interlude while we're gone.


Girl From Ipanema (Classical instrumental Version) from the album: The Latin Sound of Lex Vandyke - Concierto de Aranjuez

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Episode 158: Death in Heaven - Review in Toolbox

Missy, Danny Pink, Zombie Cybermen, UNIT, and pumpkin pie!  It's all here in our review of the Series 8 finale "Death in Heaven".  We've also got feedback, pumpkin pie, and an engagement announcement in news.  Oh, did we mention the pumpkin pie?


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Episode 157: Moffat is in Dark Water for This Review

So, we've had the big Missy reveal.  And a few other "surprises".  This here, then, is our review of the penultimate Series 8 episode, Dark Water.


What is a Dyson Sphere

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Episode 156: Reviewing The Growth In The Forest Of The Night

Good morning, and welcome to the forest of London!  Better enjoy it quick because it's not going to last.  My, my...what's next? Kids on the TARDIS?  How about rabbits?  Oh, wait, no rabbits on the TARDIS, rabbits in the Toolbox.  Lot's of them.  But they're well meaning, and mostly tame.  More than we can say for a tiger and couple of wolves.  So get on your fire proof headphones and join us for a discussion of "The Forest Of The Night".


Tommy Flanagan, Pathalogical Liar played by Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live

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Episode 155: Flatline Review in 3D!

No Kiefer Sutherland here.  Tho that  wouldn't have made this story any less creepy.  Grab your MP3 playing devices and practice your levitation spells as we review this week's Doctor Who episode "Flatline".  This is where good ole' Steven Moffat now makes the very walls, floors and ceilings that once kept out all the baddies unsafe to go near.  What's next? A monster that disguises itself as our very clothing? Too late, Moff.  The Tomorrow People already did that.

No news, but feedback! And a small herd of rabbits (can you call them a "herd"?) stop by for a chat.


(Sorry about the sound quality this week.  Did the best we could to clean it up, but technology was not being cooporative.)

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Episode 154: Review Time for the Mummy on the Orient Express

We've got 66 seconds to tell you what we thought of Mummy on the Orient Express.  OK, not really, but would you believe...jelly babies?  It's a full train in motion with all kinds of nods to the past, a crazed computer and lots of death.  What more can you ask for in Doctor Who?

Feedback, that's what!  We've got lots of it. 


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Episode 153: We Kill the Moon for This Review

We're over the moon for the 12th Doctor.  We know, we keep telling you every week.  It may take a while for the bloom to be off his rose for us.  His 7th story...well, you'll just have to give a listen to this week's show to find out how we feel about "Kill the Moon".

There's news and feedback, too!  Just for good measure.


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Episode 152: Doctor Who is The Caretaker of This Review

Something weird's going on at Coal Hill School (again) and, of course, the Doctor is right smack dab in the middle of it.  And so are we, right along with him.  This week, it's "The Caretaker" and we're taking care not just of reviewing the story this week, but there's so much sciencey goodness packed into this story that it's going to leak out into future TST episodes if we're not careful (and we're not).  Not to mention (which we do) Danny Pink finally makes it into the TARDIS and gets himself stuck in the Doctor's craw.

"The Caretaker" has got so many talking points for this review we may not have any room for the rabbits. (Yeah. Don't bet on it.)


Don't for get to stop by our Facebook page and leave a comment.
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Episode 151: Let's Do The Time Heist Again

A good old fashioned romp, that's just what the Doctor ordered.  a mysterious caper, an anoying middle-management baddie, and a monster you can feel sorry for.  It's got Classic Who written all over it.  Now all we need is a moble conputer side kick and an exotic beauty with a trick or two up her sleeve...oh, wait a minute. 

Come along for our review of this week's Doctor Who episode, Time Heist.  And some rabbit chasing.  Oh, and I wouldn't touch that worm if I were you.  Don't blame us if you can't remember how you got here.


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Episode 150: Listen! Don't Be Scared Of Our Review

Things that go bump in the night.  Monsters under the bed. Shadows moving jst out of sight.  Steven Moffat must have had a tortured childhood.  Tho the premise is a bit shakey - everyone has the same exact nightmare a some point in their lives, come on - he starts of this forth story, "Listen", like gangbusters.  And then...well, wouldn't want to spoil the review for you.

Plus news, feedback and rabbits!


The Muppet Proposal
New Map Locates Milky Way in Neighborhood of 100,000 Galaxies
What makes the octopus hide so well.
Watch this octopuss dissapear.

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Episode 149: Rabbit Chasing with the Robot of Sherwood

Ah, Robin Hood...from Errol Flynn to Disney to Kevin Cosner there's been a Robin for every generation.  This generation's Robin meets our favorite man in a blue box.  A clash of egos?  A clash of wits?  How about a classic archery contest?  Throw in some robots and a good measure of swordplay (spoon?) and you've got yourself a Mark Gatiss script!  Huzzah!!

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Episode 148: Voyage Into the Dalek

Could a Dalek be good?  Is the Doctor a good man?  Will Clara ever get her coffee?  And just how many Gally ribbons can you get out of one Doctor Who episode?  The answers to all these questions, and more, as we review "Into The Dalek"!


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Episode 147: Take a Deep Breath

And exhale.  It's finally here. Series 8 has begun andwe have seen the new Doctor in action.  "Deep Breath" takes us to Victorian London and the Paternoster Gang.  It takes the Doctor to a rather interesting pst-regeneration.  Scottish?  Eyebrows?  And a...giant T-Rex??  Hang on, folks.  This one's gonna be a whopper!


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Episode 146: Megadeth

Summer's almost over, which is a bit bitter sweet.  We say goodbye to our Summer Concert Series (thank you all for indulging us and having fun with it), but hello to Series 8 and a new Doctor.  This week we have our headline act.  One of the most controversial in the industry, Megadeth!  And I'm sure that Dave Mustaine would love it if he knew we were using his band to bring us around to the topic of all the death that's happened on this simple, British, children's show.  That's right.  50 years of body count.  And it hasn't all been caused by everyone but the Doctor.

But first, we join our dear Uncle Elmer on a wonderful rabbit chase.  Enjoy!


"Sweating Bullets" from the Megadeth album Countdown to Extinction, 1992.

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Episode 145: Tesla

The penultimate band to hit the stage for our Summer Concert Series is comin' atcha live on the wire!  It's Tesla!!  We're going back to the beginning of the idiot box to bring you "The Idiot's Lantern", a subtle horror story written by Doctor Who's own horror writer, Mark Gatiss.  Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

"Cumin' Atcha Live" by Tesla from the album Mecanical Resonance, 1986

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Episode 144: Loverboy

Hold on to your hearts this week, folks.  On our stage tonight...Loverboy!  That's right, Capt. Jack Harkness is working hard for the weekend and he's lovin' every minute of it.  And when it's over, you'll have heaven in your eyes.  Yup, it's all Capt. Jack this week.  Well...mostly.  In between the rabbit chasing.

"Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy, from the self titled album "Loverboy", 1980.

WARNING: Contains rabbits

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Episode 143: The Police


Po no Sto fro mo fo zo mo fo bo jo fo do wo.  Oh, sorry.  Don't speak Judoon?  We don't either.  I think we said "The Police. Not Sting from MTV fame, Zenyatta Mondatta, from Brittan.  Judoon from Doctor Who."  Or something like that.  But, yes, this week it's all about the Judoon!  Well, mostly about the Judoon.  OK, we try really hard to talk about the Judoon, but the rabbits seem to keep distracting us.




"Every Breath You Take" from the 1983 album Synchornicty




WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing


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Episode 142: The Clash


Russell T. Davies, bless his heart, gave us the Time War in an attempt to get away from those meddling Time Lords.  What he really gave us was the biggest retcon in all of time and space.  As the summer rolls on, we explore that clash and some of its implications.   Gallifrey is calling…




Opening song: "London Calling" by The Clash, from the album London Calling.


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Episode 141: Blondie

Next up on our Summer Concert stage is none other than that punk sensation...Rose Tyler!  Oh, you were expecting Blondie?  THAT punk, the one from the 1970's with Deborah Harry.  Yeah, no.  This week it's all about Rose.  Kinda takes you back to 2005, doesn't it?


"One Way Or Another" by Blondie, from the album Parallel Lines

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Episode 140: Los Lobos


Even a man who is pure at heart, and says his prayers at night…can meet Queen Victoria on the road to Torchwood House and stop a werewolf it it's tracks.  And so it is this week, from the Mexican/American music of Los Lobos to the moors of Scotland under a summer's full moon, we bring you "Tooth and Claw" to face your darkest fear.  Will the wolf survive?  Who knows?


Opening Music:

"Will the Wolf Survive", Los Lobos, from the album "How Will the Wolf Survive" (1984)


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Episode 139: Three Dog Night

No bull…frogs here, Jeremiah or otherwise named.  Just a robot dog named K-9.  Of course, there’s no “just” about him.  Loyal, smart and with a lazar nose and tickertape tongue, K-9 is probably one of the Doctor’s best beloved companions.  At least among us fans.  We love him, and we’re talking all about him.

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Episode 138: The Beatles

Come on in and don't rush the stage.  It's festival seating and the tickets are free!  Welcome to the start of The Sonic Toolbox 2014 Summer Concert Series!!  This week on our stage it's The Beatles!!!  Ok, so it isn't really, but we are reviewing the 10th Doctor/Donna story "Turn Left".  You know, the one where she has a beetle on her back.  See what we did there?  So sit back, put those records on your record player (or turn on your MP3 player...just doesn't have the same ring to it, tho) and join us in a Magical Mystery Tour of an alternate kind.


A Quantum of Time

Are Chronons the Elementary Particles in space and Time?

Time Particles



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Episode 137: Yeti Yeti Yeti

The Doctor faces off with the Yeti once again!  This time in the London Underground.  With Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart.  Yup, this week we review the Second Doctor story "The Web of Fear".  This is the story where we meet the Brig before he was a Brigadier.  So much furryness.  So much story.  So much...hey! Where's episode 3?  Damn you, BBC!!  Oh, well.  Has anyone dared to look in Sudanese TV station studios, maybe??

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 136: Meatloaf Shouldn't Go Thunk

We've talked about the TARDIS before.  We've had discussions about the Chameleon Circuit and temporal physics.  This week, we're discovering a whole bunch (but by no means all) of the little used funtions of the TARDIS.  Little things that the Doctor may have mentioned or used only once, things that writers or showrunners came up with at the last moment when they realised they had painted our intrepid crew into the perverbial corner.

And stuff...

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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She's our favorite new Who companion.  This week we discuss why we love her so much.  Donna Noble, that fiery redhead, draws us in and becomes our touchstone companion with her down-to-earth way and her lack of attraction to the Doctor.  That and so much more.

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Episode 134: Remembering The Brigadier

It's Memorial Day (due to technical dificulties, Memorial Day is almost over) and even tho he's not in the U. S. Armed Services, and died of old age rather than service to his country, we here in the Toolbox have decided to honor Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart on this week's show.  Join us as we discuss our beloved Brig and try our best to stay on topic.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 133: The Space Cockroaches Come Back

R of the Daleks.  Resurrection this time.  And we're talking about it.  The 5th Doctor, Tegan leaving (spoilers!) and the very beginning of the Dalek civil war.  A civil war that spans many years and two regenerations, that's three Doctors.  We're taking a look at "Resurrection of the Daleks" in our own, special, rabbity way.

Also, actual news and yarny talk.  Enjoy!

WARNING: Contains rabbits

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Episode 132: Diary of a Madman

His name is Davros.  He created a maniacal race of mutants from his own people, the Kaleds, and called them Daleks.  He programed them with the desire to take over the universe.  Dude's got issues.  Good thing, too, or he'd be boring to talk about.  And that's what we're doing this week.  Talking about the nutjob in the mobile life support unit.  Grab your jackbooks, we're in for a bumpy ride!

WARNING: Contains multitudes of rabbits

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Episode 131: Short...Like a Sontaran

We conclude our two part review with "The Poison Sky".  Since Daisy kept accedentally talking about it last week, this week is a bit of a short episode.  Filled with short potato aliens.  And, as usual, rabbits.

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Episode 130: The Side Dish Stratagem

Break out your sour cream, the Potato Heads are back!  This time they are...working with a genious kid and his genious kid students?  Ee, Er, WHAT???  It must be "The Sontaran Stratagem", part one of the two part 10th Doctor Sontaran story.  It's the focus of our show this week.  Tho, we must admit, sometimes our focus gets a little fuzzy.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing



















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Cloned super soldiers that look like potatos.  Who else can we be talking about but the Sontaran race?  This week we put these war mongering side dishes under the microscope to find out just what makes them tick.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 128: The Once and Almost Story

Arthurian legend (without Arthur) meets interdimentional space travel meets U.N.I.T. meets quirky English countryside characters.  It must be a story from the 7th Doctor era.  This week we discuss, review and attempt to stay of the subject of "Battlefield". 

WARNING: Contains rabbit infestation


TV Tropes website.  Have fun!

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The Baker Street Report 2014

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this special report.  This week we're liveish from the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center in Atlanta, Georga.  Our roving co-host, Cheryl, is attending the Sherlock Holmes convention 221b Con and brings you these reports from throughout the weekend.

The Sonic Toolbox will resume regular programming next week with the promised review of the 7th Doctor story, "Battlefield".

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Episode 127: Ideal Pairings

We've all done it.  Facebook posts have been dedicated to discusing it.  There have probably even been panels at cons on the subject.  This week we tackle the topic of fantasy TARDIS crew building.  Like chefs in the kitchen, we're taking a pinch of him, a dab of her, putting them together and seeing what comes out. 

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Episode 126: Turlough's Choice

Spooky music, ships that race in space and creepy ship's officers are the thing this week.  The 5th Doctor, Turlough and Tegan find themselves stuck between an Eternal and a Black Guardian in "Enlightenment", and we find ourselves talking about it.  And a whole lot of other things, too.

WARNING: Contains rabbits, lots of rabbits

"Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant, off the album Killer on the Rampage (1982, Parlophone, EMI)

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Episode 125: Down The Rabbit Hole

This week we make a valient effort to discuss the powers and abilities of Time Lords.  However, we keep getting drawn off topic, tho not off subject.  Yes, we're still talking about Time Lords (sort of), just other stuff regarding them.  Like regeneration and artron energy. 

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

dynamic character:
a literary or dramatic character who undergoes an important inner change, as a change in personality or attitude. 
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Episode 124: Do I Detect A Red Shirt

Having just seen Katy Manning at Gallifrey One, we decided to review a Jo Grant episode.  Then we noticed that this week is right in the middle of the 42nd anniversary of "The Sea Devils" first airing on TV in the UK.  It seemed a match made in...well, somewhere.  So here you have them: The Master, the third Doctor and the wonderful, amazing, self-relient Josephine Grant!  Oh yeah, and a guy who checks out strange noises in the dark.

WARNING: Contains some rabbit chasing

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Episode 123: Trying Not To Step On The Cockatiels

As we try to recover from our trip to Gallifrey One, we explore the doctor's own recovery process from regeneration.  Each itteration of our favorite time lord has his own reaction to post-regeneration sickness.  From coma to crazy, this week we talk about who did what and what causes this bizarre condition.

Direct download: TST123-030214.mp3
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This is our entry for the last two days of Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious Years.  Sorry it's a bit late, but this year things were so busy time just slipped away.  In fact, after we recorded this, Daisy had to run to help her friends from L.I. Who host a party.  Fun days!

Direct download: TSTGallisode2014-2.mp3
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Our reactions to the first day of Gallifrey One and touching Arthur Darvil.

Direct download: TSTGallisode2014-1.mp3
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Episode 122: Gearing Up for Gallifrey One

With Gallifrey One, the largest Doctor Who convention in America, only days away, we can't help but talk all about what's going to go on outside of the panels.  The ice cream social, the trock concert, the kaffeeklatsches.  There's so much going on you need a time turner to do it all!  If you're going to Gally, we hope that this weeks show whets your anticipation.  If you're not going, we hope the show piques you interest for next year.

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Episode 121: We Are Sherlocked

Episode 121 exists after all!  It just faked it's own death.  Much like Sherlock Holmes did at the end of Series 2.  Appropriate since this show we are reviewing Series 3 of "Sherlock".  With Gallifrey One almost here, we thought we'd take a step away from Doctor Who for a moment to discuss Moffat's other, pet project.

WARNING: Contains MASSIVE Spoilers's

Direct download: TST121-020814.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:09pm PDT

This week was supposed to be Episode 121 and we were going to review Series 3 of Sherlock.  We did record it, however, during editing the computer crashed and most of the audio was lost.  There is not enough left that makes sense.  I guess it's just as well since Daisy was sick and coughed throughout the recording and almost lost her voice by the end. 

Our next episode is our Gallifrey One pre-con show. 

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Episode 120: Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue

It's Cheryl's first time with Leela as a companion.  What better way for a horror fan than with The Horror of Fang Rock.  It's got all the classic elements, and a Rutan for good measure.  What more can we say?  You'll just have to listen.


The Doctor's electrical gobbledygook explained

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Episode 119: I Am Woman

Hear me roar!  And scream, and complain and ask “What’s that, Doctor?”  But watch me fight, and run, and calculate, and build, and outsmart and survive.  The wonderful women of Doctor Who are the subject of this week’s Toolbox.  We’ve heard just about all we can take regarding misogyny in Doctor Who and we’re out to refute those claims.  As women ourselves, we have long held these female companions as role models.  Strong, independent and smart, these women hold their own alongside the Doctor throughout his adventures. 

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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Episode 118: The Rabbit Dilemma

It’s Episode 118 and we’re talking about The Twin Dilemma.  Since we just had a regeneration, we figured it was a good time to examine a post-regeneration story and what better one than the Doctor’s 6th.  Since it looked like our new (Peter Capaldi) Doctor seems to be suffering with post-regen memory loss we wanted to take a look at past regen that went thru not just memory loss a drastic personality change, as well, just in case.

The Twin Dilemma is one of those polarizing stories in Doctor Who history.  It seems either you love it or hate it.  The vast majority seem to hate it.  Here in the Toolbox, we have a split, which works out wonderfully to give you a fair look at this controversial story.   Also, Daisy gets completely confused trying to count in hexadecimal (which she hasn’t done in 20 years) while Cheryl falls into a small coma.

All this and rabbit chasing, too!

How to count in hexadecimal.

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Episode 117: TARDIS Talk and Gally Walk

We know the Doctor loves his TARDIS.  Like a man and his hot rod, the Doctor dotes on his old girl.  What exactly is the relationship between a Time Lord and his TARDIS?  This week, we try to get inside the mind and design of that relationship.  Is it like a husband and wife?  Or is it more symbiotic than that?

Then, with only five weeks left before Gallifrey 2014 the first block of panel discussion topics has finally been announced.  In our over excitement, we give you our preview of them all.  If you are going to Gally this year, this will get you just as excited as we are.  If you're not going, we hope this will begin your desire to start saving your money now for 2015 since tickets will be going on sale in a few months.

Life on a TARDIS
Gallifrey 2014 - Late December Program Update & Panels

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