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A Doctor Who podcast, hosted by Daisy Kaufman and Cheryl Lowe. We focus on Doctor Who from a "how does that work in the Doctor Who universe" science-ish point of view. There's also lots of other Doctor Who discussion, and some rabbit chasing.
Episode 115: Time Travel is a Paperclip

The most important thing about time travel is never break The 1st Law of Time Travel.  Which, of course, the Doctor breaks about every 10 years.  In fact, we're breaking it right now.  This is episode 115, our last episode was 116 and our next will be 117.  We're looping back on ourselves!  (Actually, this is the episode that we missed due to technical difficulties, but what the hey!)  This week we're discussing the intricacies of time travel and The 1st Law.  So, take an asprin, pour yourself a drink and get comfortable.  This is where it gets complicated.

WARNING: Contains rabbits

Time Travel Grammar
TV Tropes - Time Travel Mutability
More Time Travel Grammar

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Episode 116: Time of the Doctor Review

Watch out!  This episode is spoiler filled, if you haven't seen The Time of the Doctor yet.   If you have, jump right in.  We're talking all about the Christmas/Regeneration episode for this year.  We're also fantasizing about what Peter Capaldi will be wearing as the Doctor.  There's not much else to this episode but lots of Christmasy Time of the Doctor talk...and CAPALDI, CAPALDI, CAPALDI!

Also, a bit of Gally news and, of course, rabbit chasing.

Merry Christmas, one and all!!

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Error Message

Due to extensive technical difficulties, we are unable to bring you this week's episode.  Fortunately, we had already planned to post our review of the Christmas special early, on Christmas shortly after it airs on BBC One.  We should hopefully be able to give you this week's episode, about the 1st law of time travel, next Sunday.

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Episode 114: The First Meetup

Forty years ago the first multi-doctor story celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who.  Here, the first three Doctors (sort of) get together to combat the evil Omega and thwart his insane plans.  This week we get into our TARDIS and zoom back to take a look at that story, cleverly entitled "The Three Doctors".  We also delve, sometimes a little too deeply, into the science that keeps cropping up.  Yup, our rabbits seem to have donned lab coats.  Grab a glass and join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who!

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Episode 113: If I Could Save Time in a Stasis Cube

Slices of time held in stasis as art.  It seems we just can't get away from The Day of the Doctor.   This week we try to explain those impossible 3D paintings made by Gallifreyan artists.  And while we're at it, we delve a bit into how Time Lords see and experience time.  Oh, and then there's the bit about how the Doctor can break inside the time lock that surrounds the Time War.

All the while, Daisy squeeks and rasps thru larygitis recovery.

A-series and B-series temporal ordering philosophy
A Brief History of the A-Theory/B-Theory Debate about Time

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The big day has come and gone.  Our road trip, which started back in July, has come to an end.  Now it's time to sit back and unpack the souvenirs and develop the pictures we got along the way.  Or, in this case, review three more (slightly unofficial) celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. This week we're talking about "The Five(ish) Doctors - Reboot", "An Adventure in Space and Time", and "The Light at the End".

And we only found a few rabbits hiding in our suitcases.

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Episode 111: The Day of the Doctor

We couldn't wait to get this up for you.  This week we have our raw, unedited thoughts on the 50th Anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor".  No news, no feedback...and amazingly very little rabbit chasing.  Just gushing and squeeing and loving this best of all anniversary episodes. 

WARNING: Massive spoilers.  If you haven't seen "The Day of the Doctor" yet, don't listen to this show until you do.

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Episode 110: Victory of the Eleventh

We're tuning it up to 11 this week.  It's time for us to take a look at the Eleventh Doctor and the story "Victory of the Daleks".  We also seem to be in the midst of a rabbit invasion, so watch your step.  There's also a bit of time traveling as our future selves pop in to review "The Night of the Doctor" that exploded onto the internet after we recorded this show.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

The Night of the Doctor

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Beneath the motorway is something that keeps eating cars.  Usually, it's a pothole.  In "Gridlock" it's a plothole.  Oh, Russell T. Davies wants us to think it's the Macra, but we know better.  This week on the next to last stop on the Road Trip to the 50th Anniversary we attempt to fill in these plotholes and give you a look at the Tenth Doctor story "Gridlock".

WARNING: Contains rabbits

About "Lord of Cragsclaw" by Bill Fawcett, the book with the Mrem.

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Our journey on the Road Trip to the 50th Anniversary is almost over.  We have arrived at the next to last stop with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.  But we don't need to get all emotional about it, the Tenth Doctor will do that for us.


"Bigger isn't Better" from the musical "Barnum" by Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart, book by Mark Bramble


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It's time for Nine.  Christopher Eccleston gave us one year as the Doctor, so we give him part of an episode.  This week we also talk about the Ninth Doctor episode Dal...ehem, Pepperpot (no sense antagonizing them). 

BTW, Daisy was wrong.  Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

"She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby


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The Eighth Doctor and the TV movie.  What more can we say?  A whole lot, apparently.  Join us this week as Cheryl pontificates about her Doctor and Daisy tries to get a word in edgewise.

WARNING: Contains rabbits

"Where In The World Is Carman Sandiego" by Rockapella.  Yes, they're still around, they're on tour and have a new album out.

Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies receipe

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Creepy clowns, Ragnarok gods, robots and a werewolf.  Yep, "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" has everything.  And we talk about it.  And some other stuff, too.  And news!  Join us for for this Seventh Doctor episode...and we say welcome to the show!!

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

"Psycho Circus" by KISS, off Psycho Circus (1998)


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All the world loves a clown, and while the Seventh Doctor isn't dressed as loudly as his predecessor he certainly is more entertaining.  This Doctor does magic, juggles and (famously) playes the spoons.  This week we find ourselves rrrrolling along, and rrrrolling ourrrr Rrrrrs, with the last of the original run Doctors.

"Be A Clown" by Cole Porter, for the Gene Kelly/Judy Garland film "The Pirate".  Available on Amazon (NTSC) and Amazon UK (PAL).


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Come with us to Tranquil Repose, where they keep your dying loved ones in suspended animation...until Davros turns them into food to solve a intersteller famine to earn money to build a Dalek army out of humans so he can fight other Daleks... Hey, look! Peri's wearing pants!  It's Revelation of the Daleks, our Sixth Doctor stop on our road to the 50th Anniversary.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing


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What's short tempered, grandiloquent, and difficult to look at?  The Sixth Doctor!  This week we take a look at Colin Baker's aborted foray into the TARDIS.  What makes this Doctor tick, and what makes so many Americans hate him so much.  All this, and more, on the 102nd episode of The Sonic Toolbox.


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Poor Tegan.  The Doctor just can't seem to find Heathrow for her.  Maybe she should get Nyssa and Adric to fly her there, they seem to be able to pilot the TARDIS with pin point accuracy.  And so it goes in the Fifth Doctor story, The Visitation.  We're reviewing it this week, dontcha know.

The link to the Paul McGann audition clip is in last weeks show notes. 

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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It's our 100th episode!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!  How do we celebrate it?  With...

PETER DAVISON!!!!!  OK, we've made it to Daisy's Doctor.  Once known as Tristan Farnon, the Fifth Doctor is stern, testy, adorable and plaguedby many companions all at once.  This week we on our road trip we stop off in the mid 1980s to visit this Doctor in beige. 

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing.

Paul McGann audition tape for the Eighth Doctor


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So the White Guardian hijacks the Doctor, saddles him with a young upstart companion and sends him off on a mission.  And thus we get The Ribos Operation.  This week we take a look at this first story of the Key to Time series, the first Romana story, as we continue on our road trip to the 50th Anniversary.  Come sample this Fourth Doctor dish with us.


WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

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We all know the scarf.  Some of us have knitted, or had knitted for us, the scarf.  This week we take a look at the Doctor inside the scarf.  The Fourth Doctor was with us for seven seasons and gave us some of the best stories.  Join us for our celebration of the most iconic Doctor of them all!

WARNING: Contains rabbits

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We're in the Miniscope this week, watching the Doctor and Jo muck about on a circuit board, battle a Drashig and shut down some gray bureaucrats.  It's our look at the Third Doctor's story "Carnival of Monsters" as we continue our road trip to the 50th Anniversary.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing


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Venusian Aikido.  Capes and frilly shirts.  U.N.I.T. and the Brigadier.  The Third Doctor brought us all this and more in living color.  This week is mostly all about this velvet clad, scientific advisor.  Straingly, tho, Peter Capaldi keeps creeping into our conversation.


WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing (and Peter Capaldi)


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Little pointy robots and weird shoulder pads, the Dominators were a force to be reckoned with.  The week we discuss the Second Doctor episode "The Dominators".

WARNING: Big announcement reported.  Skip the news if you don't want to know.

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The first regeneration, the Second Doctor.  A baggy clothed, recorder playing, childish man this new face brings to us a more recognizable Doctor.  The Second Doctor is truly the beginning of the modern day Doctor that we all know and love.  Join us this week as we talk all about him.  And Ian's back in his corner giving us a UK perspective on this Cosmic Hobo.

WARNING: Contains rabbits

Episode 94: The Cosmic Hobo

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For our First Doctor story selection, we present "The Romans".  The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki are taking some time off just outside Nero's Rome when adventure, danger and hilarity ensue.  Also, some news and feedback...and rabbits.


Episode 93: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The TARDIS

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He was the first.  At the time, he was the only.  He's different from all the regens to follow, yet we can see the first inklings of the Doctor we know and love.  This week our subject is the First Doctor and we're finally on the 50th Anniversary Celebration Road to the Big Party in November!

WARNING: Contains rabbits

Doctor Who Maize Maze opening day video with Colin Baker
The Machine Stops


Episode 92: The Origin of the Species

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...there was Verity Lambert and Sidney Newman, and the word was "science fiction".  And the word was good.  It's 1963 and the BBC have decided that they want a science fiction program.  A program we still watch (and they still produce) today.  This week we begin our 50th Anniversary celebration with a look at how Doctor Who began.

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing

BBC archives of correspondence concerning this new SciFi show.


Episode 91: In The Beginning

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There will be a slight delay in the posting if Episode 91 due to illness. We apologize for the delay.
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Some of the best shows on television have spin-offs and Doctor Who is no different.  This week, we discus Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.  And a bunch of other spin-offs of other shows.  And some other things. 

WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing


Episode 90: Spin Doctor
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Comments[0] we are again.  Torchwood.  Miracle Day.  It's been two years, but Cheryl never saw it...till now.  And since we've been talking about Jack being immortal it's only fitting that we torture - erm, make - uh, let Cheryl watch it now so she can give her review with Daisy, who is actually re-reviewing this for you.

WARNING: contains rabbit chasing


Quantum Xen
Sheepytime Knits


Episode 89: Jack in the USA

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He's a fixed point in time.  He's immortal.  He's an omni-sexual, time-traveling smart-ass.  He's Captain Jack Harkness and this week we talk about how and why he's immortal. 

Warning: Contains rabbit chasing


Episode 88: Jack the Fact

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Daisy and Cheryl are joined by guest host, John Calderon, to review the second J.J. Abrams Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness.  We've given you enough time to see it so the spoilers we give shouldn't be spoilers by now.  Did we love it...did we hate it?  Tune in to find out!


WARNING: The rabbits followed us here.


TST Supplemental Log 001: Cold Fusion Star Trek
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Nine goes.  Jack goes.  Ooh, look, there all the rabbits go.  Here we are, trying to review The Parting of the Ways, and all these rabbits keep running all over us.  Well, it is Spring and they do deserve some exercise.  Considering the nature of rabbits it's only right that they should show up at the beginning of our mini-series on the Imortal Jack Harkness.

Don't forget to send us your answer to our question: Do you think Jack is the Face of Boe?

Warning: contains rabbit chasing



Episode 87: The Parting of the Rabbits

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How do you solve a problem like The Grand Moff?  How do you catch a T.A.R.D.I.S. and pin it down?  We just don't know, but we're gonna talk about it anyway.  This week we discuss where we feel Steven Moffat has gone wrong and why and what might fix it.  A good ole' rant to close out Series 7.

We're leaving our caption contest open for a few more weeks.  Head over to our Facebook page and caption that angry leprechaun!

Matt's leaving announcement


Episode 86: The Moffat Problem

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